The play's the thing....

Being both creative and a fan of fairy-tales from childhood, role-playing games have always been a natural past-time for me. From "let's pretend" in the backyard where I fought dark knights and dragons (who happened to look suspiciously like my little brother), to rolling dice and moving miniatures, to 1st- and 3rd-person monster and alien killing video games.

I've played and still play DnD, both online and in-person. I tend to play rangers, with their affinity for nature and animals. I enjoy the creativity, the interaction with other clever people, the escapism, and of course, finding good loot. :)

The character for my current online game is here, in an untidy reference-only area of the site.

I used to have a very consuming (read addicted) life online, playing MUSHes and MUCKs of various themes. PernMUSH of the 1991-1994 era was probably my worst addiction, although BelgariadMUSH where I helped wizard was a close second. I've moved away from such in-depth involvement online these days. It was a dangerous addiction for me which consumed amazing amounts of my time and literally changed my life. So now I confine myself to a tiny handful of places which I use simply to talk to my friends out-of-character, as myself.

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