A horse is a horse, of course of course....

I'm a woman. It's in our contract that as little girls, we are nuts about horses. I just never really grew out of it! I was lucky enough to have a pony when I was a kid, courtesy of a very generous neighbor woman. The pony, misnamed "Lady", was a cantankerous creature and I have 3 scars from her antics. But I also had some really great times with her.

Once all we kids were grown up and out of the house, mom and my stepdad started collecting Tennessee Walking Horses (TWH's). They didn't mean for it to become a collection, but they're such wonderful horses that once you have one it seems to be hard to stop! Currently they're down to only 3, but the mares are being bred so next year it will be back up to a herd of 5. You can read more about their horses on their web site.

Walkers are good sized horses with well-proportioned bodies and very loving, gentle and calm temperaments. Their gates are smooth, including the gliding walk for which they are named. They can come in all colors, although the traditional color is black.

I liked the most recent foal that mom bred so well I couldn't let her be sold out of the family. I bought her myself! I'm the proud owner of Bettin' on a Storm, registered Tennessee Walking Horse, better known as Stormy. Although she lives 2000 miles away from me in Indiana, I spoil her every chance I get. She's just turned two years old, and recently returned from "school" where she was trained a little bit about working under the saddle and trail riding. She's the most calm, mellow horse I've ever met. Perhaps she thinks she's really a dog? Stormy has her own web site, although it's rather out of date.

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